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Fresh and invigorating, Healer Auset Maryam Ali is one of the best Master Spiritual and Energy Readers of this new age healing generation. She considers herself to aid in "Holistic Psychology", as her area of expertise is dedicated to spiritual and energy healing.  Her book is entitled Re-Arrangement: Why Self Help Isn't Working For You, is an interactive tool to aid readers into the re-arrangement that is bound to happen once you make the conscious decision to climb high into your spirituality. Divine Love: Love at the Highest Frequency, is an approach to healthy relationships on all levels that requires us all to taps into the vibratory responsibility of loving one another. Healer Auset is also the Founder and Health Consultant of the Beautiful Evolution Institute where she teaches classes, workshops and offers services for healing. What she offers at B.E.I. include: Spiritual and Energy Readings, Chakra healing, Relationship Healing, Tantra, Yoga, Zumba, RISK'E FITNESS, Personal Training, Health Consultations, Chakra Course, and many other courses. Visit Beautiful Evolution Institute here.

Healer Auset Maryam Ali is also the Founder and Executive Artistic Director of Visions Performing Arts Company.  Visions is dedicated to preserving African American Performing Art. Auset has written over 10 plays, 3 screen plays, toured as a spoken word artist, and directed over 30 productions. She also dances and is the coach of ICON Dance.  In her professional performing career she has work with a wide range of artists from Jay-Z to Dick Gregory and Amiri Baraka. Auset is very much a healer in her creative world as well.

As the host of an international online radio show since 2009, Auset has built a loyal and strong following across the globe. An inspiration to women, she has a passion for women and healing and bringing the divinity out of every woman she encounters.  She believes in sisterhood and that through healing the woman, you will heal the world.  Consistent and trusted, many women look to Auset and find the needed inspiration and motivation to be great and successful in life. She is er own business owner, however her biggest reward is being a wife, mother, daughter, and mentor to young African American girls. She lives her work daily.  Join her every Tuesday at 7PM MST at or call in at 646-787-8538

A woman with compassion and genuine love for everyone she encounters, Auset is a gem to all that cross her path.  She is dedicated to healing in all that she does, rather it is healing or art.  

"I believe the purpose of my journey is healing and art.  I strive to present love in both."

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