Make sure that every single time you say "I love you" to someone else.  You say it to yourself too.  The only way you can truly love another person is if you are confident in the love you have for yourself.  Never compromise love because when it is at it's highest place you and everyone you love are able to fly.

Weekly Well.......

QUESTION: What in the world is a spiritual and energy reading?

ANSWER: It is a gage of where you are in the moment that you exchange with me. IT IS NOT PSYCHIC. My goal when I do readings is not to tell you the future, but to tell you the present so you can either change your course or remain in alignment for the desired results.
Just as a physical healer can asses you and say "you are dealing with cancer," I asses you the same way just spiritually and energetically.

QUESTION: Why in the world do you say spiritually and energetically like they are two different things?

ANSWER: THEY ARE! Your spirit is the link between you and The Ultimate Creator. Your energy is the level beneath that that usually is a direct result of experience and how you process your spirit. You can have a beautiful spirit but a nasty energy because you have been hurt and you have walls up that cause you to respond wrong.
That is what confuses many people when it comes to this field. "Good people" going through bad things. It is a science that must be honored. A gift that is often taken advantage of.

QUESTION: I have heard you talk about being an authentic reader, what does that mean?

ANSWER: This is a sacred gift. Many people are taking advantage of people. Just because you study the SCIENCE doesn't mean that you have the gift of reading. The masses don't usually understand that, thus they get taken advantage of. I know the science of brain surgery because I am interested in it.......but I am not a brain surgeon. Get it? There are only a few actual surgeons but anyone can read and learn the process of doing it. Especially thanks to things like Google.
I am coming back on the air to do free readings. We have to navigate through the authentic readers because we are in a crucial time of awakening that requires alignment that is healthy.